Rawley Eastwick--1976

I always kinda liked Rawley Eastwick,
even before I learned that we shared the
same birthday.

With a good fastball, Eastwick led the
National League in saves in 1975 (22)
and 1976 (26), while the Reds won back-
to-back World Championships. He would
parlay his success into a nice multi-year
contract valued over a  million dollars
with the Yankees for 1978, however he
never duplicated his earlier success
once he departed from Cincinnati.

The right-hander would finish with a 28-
27, 3.31 mark in eight big league
seasons with the Reds,  Cards, Yanks,
Phillies, Royals and Cubs.

So on this date, the 24th of October, we
wish Eastwick a Happy Birthday!