Moose Haas--1986
While many cards throughout the years
have shown players without wearing
hats; this card of Moose Haas is a rarity
as he is not posed. It appears that the
Brewer right-hander is tossing in the
bullpen prior to a game, though having
been to countless games during my 25
years of scouting, I can not ever
remember seeing a pitcher warm up
without a hat.


Almost as strange as how the 6’0” hurler
earned his nickname, which we
understand came from his winning a
battle against a moose while on a
vacation in the Appalachian Mountains.
Apparently, Bryan Edmund Haas
defeated the beast and became
"Moose". He would keep the moose head
as a trophy, naming the moose “Wallace”.

Thus, if Moose doesn’t want to wear a
hat, we are going to let him.

Editor’s Note: Haas would go 100-83,
4.01 in 12 big league seasons, ten of
which were with the Brewers before
finishing off his career with two years with
Oakland. He would strike out 14
Yankees in a game on April 12, 1978 to
establish a Brewers’ franchise single
game mark that lasted 26 years, until
broken by Ben Sheets. Haas’ 91 wins for
Milwaukee ranks fourth in franchise
history entering the ’13 season behind
Jim Slaton’s 117 victories.