Lonnie Wright--1968
There’s been several instances where
football players and baseball players
swapped uniforms, such as with Dion
Sanders (Falcons-Cowboys/Reds-
Giants) and Brian Jordan (Falcons/St.
Louis Cardinals); however, Lonnie
Wright was one of the few who went from
the gridiron to the hard court.

A multi-talented athlete at Colorado
State University in the early 1960’s,
Wright would first suit up with the Denver
Broncos before moving over to the
Denver Rockets of the ABA.

A starting cornerback for the Broncos in
1966 and 1967, Wright switched over to
Rockets within weeks of the conclusion
of the ’67 football season.
Wright  would intercept five passes over
his two NFL seasons before grabbing the
round ball where he averaged 10.7 ppg
in seven ABA seasons split between the
Denver Rockets and The Floridians. The
1967 season proved to be his best with
the Broncos as he picked off four
passes, while covering up on two
fumbles. In basketball, Wright averaged
a career-best 16.4 ppg during the 1968-
69 season, his first full year in the ABA.  

Wright would pass away in 2012,
The Denver Post caught up with
him in 2007 as he reflected on his two-
sport career:

Lonnie Wright Article, Denver Post, May
21, 2007