Johnny Unitas---1969
Just as Hayden Fox in Coach had
Johnny Unitas’ autographed cleats, I
have my battered and bruised 1969
card of Johnny that I won’t part with. If
I close my eyes, I can still see Johnny
U deftly stepping up into the pocket
and flicking a pass to tight end John
Mackey or using his soft touch on
screen pass in the flank to fullback
Tom Matte.

Unitas’ NFL record of throwing at
least one touchdown in 47
consecutive games stands alongside
DiMaggio’s record of 56-game hitting
streak as one of sports’ unbreakable
records. At one time “The Golden
Arm” owned virtually every passing
mark in the NFL en route to passing
for 40,239 yards and 290 TD’s.

He was simply the best quarterback