John D'Acquisto--1980

A right-hander who hurled for six
different clubs over 10 big league
seasons, John D’Acquisto logged a 34-
51, 4.56 mark in 266 appearances
primarily for the Giants and Padres in the

Prior to that I believe that D’Acquisto
navigated the Caribbean Islands
discovering the Island of Montserrat ---
located in the Leeward Islands--- but don’
t quote me on that, as World History
my best subject.

Editor’s Note: In reality, Christopher
Columbus laid claim to Montserrat during
his second voyage which took place in
1493. The 9.9 mile by 6.8 mile sized
island that holds British citizenship was
ravaged by a 1995 volcano eruption that
wiped out most of the island, though it is
still inhabited today.