John Block--1970
He Was An All-Star?

In honor of the NBA All-Star game this
weekend, we offer up John Block and his
basketball friendly name in another
installment of “He Was An All-Star?”  

Shuttling between seven NBA teams
during his 14-year career, Block would
lace up the old shoes for his lone All-Star
Game in 1972-73 while representing the
Philadelphia ‘76ers.

That season the forward would average
17.9 points per game for Philadelphia
leading into the All-Star Game. Block
would score four points and grab two
rebounds in a 104-84 winning effort for
the East squad.

The 76ers must have felt that Block had
reached his prime value at that point, as
Philadelphia traded him three days after
the NBA All-Star Game to the Kansas
City-Omaha Kings for an aging Tom Van
Arsdale and a future draft pick. The
former SoCal product must not have
relished the move, as Block averaged
8.7 ppg during his 107-game stint for the
KC-O Kings.

However, growing up in the 1970’s, I
remember Block more for his '70
cardboard (which gives us a good look at
his armpit) and also for his name, than
his accomplishments. His name would
allow announcers to say things like:

“Block is down on the block, looking for
the ball”


“Block blocks another shot! That makes
two blocks for Block tonight.”

The man with an interesting name would
close out his career averaging 11.9
points and 6.6 rebounds per contest---
and one All-Star Game.

I wonder if he ever worked for H&R

Editor's Note: We also wonder if Block
was blocking a shot in this '70 cardboard
or was it a jump ball or just one of his
3,965 rebounds?