Joe Nuxhall--1959
During this week…

During this week, twenty-five years ago, I
honeymooned with Joe Nuxhall.

Say what?

It was November of 1977 when I left the
ranks of bachelorhood and leapt into
marriage. My wife Kim gave me three

1) Handle the rehearsal dinner
2) Plan the honeymoon
3) Show up to the wedding

I found a nice little Italian place for the
rehearsal dinner and through my
connections as the Reds Traveling
Secretary, I booked accommodations at
the Cancun Westin for a honeymoon
week of sun and fun in Mexico.

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before
our wedding a hurricane swept through
the Gulf of Mexico with a glancing blow to
Cancun and my honeymoon plans. At
that point I called Barney Rapp Travel,
the travel agency who handled our Reds
account and asked for help. What they
came up with was a room on a cruise of
the Eastern Caribbean that was not
affected by the hurricane. While it came
with a discount, it also came with a catch,
as it was their annual Cincinnati Reds
Fans Cruise.

God love my wife, she said" yes" and we
were off to fun and sun with the
Cincinnati Reds. Representing the Reds
were players Ted Power, Kurt Stillwell,
Paul O’Neill and Nick Esasky along with
their wives/fiancé’. From the front office
were equipment manager Bernie Stowe
and his wife, as well as, radio
broadcasters Marty Brennaman and Joe
Nuxhall with their spouses.

The ship was huge and the ports of call
diverse, which allowed Kim and I to go off
on our own. However at dinner each
evening we were seated with the     
Stowe’s, Brennaman’s and Nuxhall’s. It
was a riot.  

I remember Marty and Joe giving our
poor waiter a “good natured” hard time
pretty much every night.

At one dinner, egg rolls were the
appetizer and Joe beckoned for more.
Our waiter brought out a small plate with
a couple of extra egg rolls which
prompted Joe to ask for more. So, the
waiter returned a few minutes later with a
plate piled high with probably two dozen
or so egg rolls. Joe  cleaned the plate,
sharing some with the players several
tables away who were tossed a couple
from the former southpaw while his large
appetite took down the mountain of egg

Yes… a quarter century ago I married
Kim for “better or worst” and we
honeymooned with Joe Nuxhall.

Editor’s Note:  Nuxhall would post a 135-
117 mark in 16 seasons, with most of his
fame stemming from being the youngest
player ever to appear in a major league
game when he pitched 2/3 of an inning
at age 15 for the Reds in 1944. The Old
Left-hander passed away in 2007 and I
miss him as I enjoyed talking baseball
with Nuxhall. Joe's big smile could fill up
a room.