Hawk Taylor--1968

Looking at this card of Hawk Taylor, we
envision the catcher ripping off the mask
and chasing down foul pop ups with the
tenacity of, well, a hawk. Hence the
nickname of” Hawk” for Robert Dale
Taylor. Unfortunately we are not even
close on the reasoning behind the label
of “Hawk”, as we understand that Taylor
drew the nickname from his appreciation
of the movie series, “Hawk of the
Wilderness” that aired in the early 1950’s.

Editor’s Note: Taylor would sign a
contract for the richest bonus at the time
when he joined the Milwaukee Braves
following his graduation from high school
in 1957. He would make his debut on
June 9, 1957 as a pinch runner for
Frank Torre. Ironically, Taylor would
pass away in 2012, 55 years to the day
of his big league debut. Taylor would hit .
218 during 11 big league seasons. His
bio was captured by the SABR folks at
the following link:  

Hawk Taylor Bio at SABR