Gerry Arrigo--1968

Man, that is one BIG glove Gerry Arrigo
is wearing. You just have to wonder how
many cows gave their life to make that
glove happen.

With a glove that big, one would assume
that Arrigo would landed a few Gold
Glove awards during his career. Yet,
there were none for the lefty.

During the 1960’s, National League
hurlers were dominated in the fielding
category by two “Bob’s”--- Bob Gibson
and Bobby Shantz.

Shantz would win the NL Gold Glove from
1961-64, while Gibson would lay claim to
the golden hardware beginning in 1965
and on into the ‘70s.

All totaled the sidearming southpaw,
Shantz, garnered eight Gold Gloves as a
skilled fielder. The athletic Gibson would
claim nine Gold Gloves in succession
from 1965 to 1973. Shantz would finish
his 16-year career with a .976 fielding
percentage, while Gibson would carry a   
.949 fielding percentage over his 17-
year big league career.

Arrigo would register a .964 career
fielding percentage over ten big league
seasons primarily in the 1960s, meaning
he either needed a better PR man or an
even bigger glove--- though the second
one may be hard to find... unless you are
Mickey Hatcher.