Gene Conley--1956

So, what was possibly the biggest deal in
big league history?

It stands to be when 6-foot-8 right-
hander Gene Conley was traded by the
Philadelphia Phillies on Dec. 15, 1960 to
the Boston Red Sox for 6-foot-7 righty
Frank Sullivan.

The pair of former All-Stars were
swapped during the twilight of their
careers, as Sullivan registered a 74-52,
3.13 mark with the Sox between 1954-
58, collecting All-Star honors in   ’55 & ’
56. Meanwhile, Conley won 42 games
over five seasons with Milwaukee
between 1954 and 1958, earning All-Star
accolades in ’54 &       ’55. He would also
join the All-Stars in 1959 during his 12-
win season with the Phillies. Conley
would log 29 wins for the Red Sox in
three seasons to close out his career,
while Sullivan went 3-18 for the Phillies
before finishing out an 11-year career
with two seasons in Minnesota.

Talk about a big deal…

Editor’s Note: Conley would pull double-
duty by suiting up in the NBA for six
seasons. He would average 2.3 ppg and
4.4 rpg. in 1952-53, his first go-around
with the Boston Celtics. He would make
an NBA comeback in 1958 with the
Celtics and Red Auerbach for three
seasons, before moving to the New York
Knicks for two years. All totaled, Conley
would play in 351 NBA games,
averaging         5.9 ppg. and 6.3 rpg.
Conley would finish his 11-year big
league career with a 91-96, 3..82 record.