Gary Varsho--1989
Out and about scouting the Arizona Fall
League the last couple of weeks, I was
introduced to Gary Varsho. Nothing
special, as it was a quick  "hello" and
onto my seat behind home plate for nine
innings of baseball. What I can say is
there wasn't a, "we kinda look alike" or
"you could be my twin" moment.

Interestingly enough, during the course
of my two weeks in Arizona, on more
than one occasion, autograph seekers
thrust a Gary Varsho card under my
nose asking for my signature. Naturally, I
politely declined.

The biggest difference is that Varsho
stands 5'11", while I rise 6'3". Yet, I will
cut the autograph seekers a break, as I
was seated during the requests.

I will say this, a youthful Gary Varsho
decked out in a Chicago Cubs uniform
was a pretty good looking guy.

And with a career .244 batting average
spread out over eight big league
seasons, Varsho was also the better