Frank Pastore---1986
Throughout the ages, men have
looked to conquer challenges in an
effort to bring meaning to their life.
Some take on the snowy, jagged
peak of Mount Everest. Others may
attempt to cross the treacherous
waters of the English Channel.

Frank Pastore--- well, he faced down
the 72-ounce steak challenge
presented by the Big Texan Steak
House--- and won!

Nestled off I-40 in Amarillo, the Big
Texan Steak House offers the
challenge of eating a 72-oz. Sirloin
steak, baked potato, salad, shrimp
cocktail and bread all in under and

Gluttons who accomplish the feat get
the meal for free, as well as a good
case of indigestion. Losers have to
fork over the cash ($72.00) and the
realization that it was just too much
darn meat! Thousands have manned
the fork and knife; few have
swallowed it all.

Though unable to master the
National League during the lean post-
Big Red Machine years (48-58, 4.29
in eight seasons), Pastore tackled
the Big Texan steak challenge seven
times, devouring the virtual side of
beef and the accompanying sides
once in a record time of 9-1/2
minutes back in May of 1978.

Amazing what some guys will do for
glory and a FREE meal.

Here in his 1986 card, a sweaty
Pastore poses for the camera after
doing sprints at Spring Training as
he was still trying to run off the steak
he ate in back in 1978.

Hey Frank… you’re a champion!