Duane Pillette--1951

Like father, like son.

A right-hander for the Yankees, Browns,
Orioles and Phillies in the 1950's, Duane
Pillette followed in his father's footsteps
in more than one way.

Not only did Duane take to the mound for
his career, but he also shares the
distinction of leading his league in
losses--- like, dear old Dad.

His father, Herman, logged an American
League high 19 losses in 1923 for the
Detroit Tigers. The younger Pillette
registered an AL-leading 14 defeats in
1951 while hurling for the St. Louis

Duane did fashion a longer career,
twirling in eight big league seasons
compared to just four years by his father.
However, the old man can at least say he
finished his career with a winning record
(34-32 in 107 outings), while Duane
settled for a 38-66 mark in 188 big
league appearances.

Like father, like son...