Christy Mathewson--1909
When looking through the history books
of World Series records, we come across
many Yankees names. After all, the
franchise has fielded a team in the Fall
Classic 40 times!

Yet, the career leader in complete
games during World Series play is not a

The hurler in question did pitch for New
York though, as Christy Mathewson
registered ten complete games during
World Series competition set the high
water mark.

"Big Six" racked up his complete games
during the 1905 (3), 1911 (2), 1912 (3)
and 1913 (2) Fall Classics.
Unfortunately, going the full-nine in
World Series' games didn't always
translate into wins, as Mathewson's
career record is just 5-5.

However, he did post an impressive 0.97
ERA in his 11 Fall outings. Surprisingly
his minuscule ERA ranks just seventh
overall, as last fall we highlighted World
Series ERA Leader Jack Billingham.

Cardboard Gods: Jack Billingham 1976

Editor's Note: Did you catch the mistake
on the card? Mathewson's name was
spelled with two "Ts" by the card