Bob Locker--1973

Our old friend Cloyd Smeltzer was busy
with his airbrush in working on the 1973
Bob Locker card. Traded from the A’s to
the Cubs prior to the     ’73 campaign
after a successful three-year run in
Oakland, Cloyd not only airbrushed
Locker into a Cub, but also the outfielder
in the background.

Unfortunately, Cloyd is not very good
with airbrushing numbers, as it appears
that Locker was permitted to pitch
without a number on his back.

Editor’s Note: The sinker-balling bullpen
arm, Locker possessed an impressive 57-
39, 2.75 mark with 95 saves over 10 big
league seasons, which included the
1969 season with the expansion Seattle
Pilots. And in case you were wondering,
Locker would wear number 36 for the
Cubs in 1973.   

For those new to the web site, Cloyd
Smeltzer is who we believe was the
Topps airbrush king during the 1970s.
Here is another one of Cloyd's work:

Claude Osteen 1975