Bob Cain--1953
On This Date in Major League
History, August 19, 1951…

On this date, August 19, 1951 Bob Cain
threw the four most famous pitches of his
life. They were all balls, which was of no
surprise as the lefty would walk more
batters (316) than he would strikeout
(249) during his five-year big league

But he never really had a chance, as the
batter was 3'7" Eddie Gaedel.

Faced with the prospect of pitching to Bill
Veeck's pint-sized batter and a strike
zone of less than two inches high; Cain
issued the free pass as he laughed his
way through each pitch.

Gaedel would take his place at first base
only to be replaced by pinch-runner Jim
Delsing. Unfortunately for the Browns
Veeck's stunt did not produce as run, as
the inning ended with Delsing being
stranded at third base in what would
eventually be a 6-2 Detroit Tiger victory.

As for Cain, he would go 37-44, 4.50 in
140 big league appearances for the
White Sox, Tigers and Browns.  

Here is an article by ESPN that captures
the event:

"Short on Size, Long on History" by
Darren Rovell,