Ben Davidson--1969
Striking a running back pose, Ben
Davidson was living out a fantasy in his
1969 cardboard. A three-time AFL All-
Pro defensive end with the Oakland
Raiders in the late 1960’s and early 1970’
s, Davidson was a big man at    6’8” who
never gained a yard in the NFL. Stats
show him grabbing two fumbles during
his       11-year career, but none were
advanced for yardage.

Looking into his eyes, one can sense his
desire to run the ball up field. Forget a
cheesy smile for the Topps lens,
Davidson is focused down field and
putting some yardage underneath his

And if Big Ben wants to run the ball, far
be it for the Topps cameraman to tell him
he couldn’t.

Editor’s Note: I had the pleasure of
meeting Davidson in a local bar back in
the 1980’s when he was on tour for the
Miller Beer Company. He was “less
filling” as he arm wrestled a patron
during his 1982 commercial. There   
wasn’t much going on that night and
Davidson talked a little football with my
friend and I, signed autographs for us
(mine is lost in a box in the attic) and
generally hung out and drank beer. I
won a Miller Lite ski cap in a raffle that I
still own, but seldom wear.