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Brad Del Barba
Presently Brad is a Major League scout
for the Milwaukee Brewers, while
continuing his writing career. A freelance
writer and editor over the last decade,
Del Barba draws from  his 25 years of
professional baseball experience to take
readers closer to our National Pastime.
The Cincinnati area resident has been
published in various magazines,
newspapers and web sites, most notably

Baseball America
, The Cincinnati Post
Hacks Sports. Del Barba also
enjoyed a three-year stint as an editor for
the magazine
At The Yard, which was  
heralded throughout the baseball industry
for its innovative and entertaining
Bill Ballew
Bill is a freelance baseball writer and
editor and the author of eight books. A
1983 graduate of the University of
Georgia's Grady School of Journalism, he
has served as a part-time media relations
consultant for the Asheville Tourists since
2002. He writes for numerous publications,
Baseball America and
ChopTalk, and serves as a freelance
baseball book editor for McFarland &
Company, Inc. His books include
Dreams, The Pastime In The Seventies,
Rounding The Bases, Baseball In
and, his most recent, A History
of Professional Baseball in Asheville
published in February 2007 by The History
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