Arlie Latham--1911
With the nickname, "The Freshest Man
on Earth" it begs to dig a little deeper to
find out who the heck is Arlie Latham.

Initially we sought out Latham's
background for the simple fact that he
holds the record for being the oldest
player to steal a base at age 50. What
we came back with was his unusual
nickname and a list of other firsts and
records by the former third baseman who
played for the Buffalo Bisons, St. Louis
Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh
Pirates and Washington Senators.

Amongst his achievements, Latham was
the first big leaguer to come from New
Hampshire. He also swiped a league
leading 109 bases in 1888, while stealing
129 bases in '87 to place second behind
Cincinnati's Hugh Nicol. The speedy
Latham would top 50 stolen bases in 9 of
his 17 big league seasons.

He was also a stiff in the field, logging
822 errors at the hot corner for a major
league record.

As for the nickname, apparently is comes
from a popular song from his day.

And there's more... but we will let you
read about Latham in his SABR bio on
the following link:

Arlie Latham bio at

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