Alex Delvecchio--1968

We find out on the back of Alex
Delvecchio’s 1968 cardboard that the
front liner was a nice guy, as he was “A
two-time winner of the
Lady Byng
for ‘clean, effective play”.

Delvecchio would also grab the award
one more time before hanging up the
skates at the end of a 24-year career
spent entirely with the Detroit Red
Wings. The southpaw shooter would net
456 goals and assist on 825 scores in
what would be a NHL Hall of Fame career.

Who says, “Nice guys always finish last?”

Editor's Note: It's always good to receive
an award, but we have to say that
winning the "Lady Byng Trophy" sounds
a little effeminate. The trophy dates back
to 1925, when an avid hockey fan, Marie
Evelyn Moreton, known as Lady Byng,
donated the trophy to the NHL. She was
the wife of the Governor General of
Canada during the 1920's. What was a
very impressive note from the back of
Delvecchio's card was that the Red Wing
missed just two games over an 11-year
span. Now that is trophy-worthy duty!

( was the reference source
for the Lady Byng Trophy history)