1960 World Series Game #7--1960
Smacking a leadoff 9th-inning, World
Series-winning, walk-off home run
against Yankee hurler Ralph Terry, Bill
Mazeroski gave the Pirates a surprising
World Series Championship in 1960,
while giving baseball fans an image that
has lasted the ages.

And that picture highlights today’s card.
It is an impression that brings hope.  

David can beat Goliath.

The Little Train can make it over the hill.

The Gold Glove, defensive-minded
second sacker batting eighth in a lineup
can bring home a World Series title with
a home run.

Have a great day… anything is possible
it you try.

Editor’s Note: The Hall of Famer
Mazeroski would hit a total of 140 home
runs during his 17-year career, making
him the unlikely hero.