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Today's Card ...   Ernie Banks --- 1968

                                                                                January 2
6-27, 2015   

Baseball lost one of their truly great players
over the weekend; one who captured the
hearts of the Chicago Cub fans for
decades, including this author.

Growing up in Chicago, I watched the Cubs
on WGN-TV becoming a North Siders fan at
age nine during the epic 1969 season.

Taking in a game each summer with my
father and brother, I would venture down to
the front row of Wrigley Field in pursuit of
autographs of my Cardboard Gods. As I
previously wrote on this site, Cub right-
hander Roberto Rodriguez was my first
autograph. Through the years I would
obtain "John Hancocks" from Gary
Matthews, Wes Parker, Carmelo Martinez
and others. However, none of them top my
Ernie Banks autograph.

It was July of 1970 and I was perched along
the brick wall along the third base side, just
at the edge of the Cubs dugout. The Cubs
clubhouse was located in the left field
corner and players would have to walk
down the foul line to get to the dugout.

Mr. Cub was wearing a big smile and
joshing with the fans he strode to the
dugout. Yet, for some reason he stopped
and signed my scorecard before quickly
disappearing down the dugout steps.

Thank you Mr. Cub for giving this baseball
guy a thrill as a youth.