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Today's Card ...   Curt Simmons  --- 1963

                                                                            August 29-September 1, 2014   

On This Date in Major League
Baseball History... September 1, 1963

The envelope for the category, “Last
Pitcher to Steal Home” please… and the
winner is, St. Louis’ Curt Simmons, on
September 1, 1963.

Simmons theft of home came in the second
inning of the Phillies-Cardinals match-up on
September 1, as the pitcher had previously
tripled home catcher Tim McCarver to score
the first run of the game. Dancing off third
base with bat control artist Julian Javier at
the plate and just one out, St. Louis
manager Johnny Keane gave the signal for
the squeeze play. Simmons sprinted
homeward as Phillie southpaw unleashed a
pitch off the mark which allowed Simmons to
score. The Cardinals would win the
September 1 contest, 7-3, as Simmons
rapped drove in two runs while tossing a
complete game.

And now the envelope for the “The Always
a Bridesmaid, never a Bride” category…

Editor’s Note: The smallish southpaw was
handy with the glove and bat, logging a .
171 career batting average to go with a 193-
183, 3.54 mark over 20 seasons. He scruffy
Simmons would be named to three All-Star
squads along the way.

This is a 4-day card... have a great Labor
Day Weekend